PBS Wisconsin is excited to announce our 49th Auction from May 31st to June 9th, 2024. We invite you to join us and support this longtime community event. Your support through a donation to this fundraising event will play a pivotal role in sustaining and enhancing the impactful initiatives that define PBS Wisconsin's dedication to education across Wisconsin and beyond.


The Auction serves as an essential source of funding for PBS Wisconsin, directly contributing to the support of our programming, broadcasting, and community outreach initiatives. This ten-day fundraiser brings together a large community of donors, volunteers, and bidders, providing a unique platform for exposure to a supportive and generous audience of bidders. With over 5,500 registered bidders and thousands more potential bidders browsing the site, representing every county in Wisconsin and 12 states, the Auction has become a significant and unique statewide event. Your contribution will help make our Auction a success and enable us to continue delivering exceptional programming and outreach efforts throughout Wisconsin.


Donation Benefits

Reach: Connect with a generous, loyal bidding audience across Wisconsin and beyond.

Alignment: Associate your business with the esteemed reputation of PBS Wisconsin, known for delivering high-quality educational content and enjoying strong public trust.

Exposure: Gain widespread exposure through televised, print, and electronic marketing and promotional campaigns before and during the event. With a supportive base of over 72,000 households, PBS Wisconsin ensures that each of these homes receives an electronic and print invitation to participate in the event, allowing them to explore and bid on your Auction donation!

Engagement: Establish connections with winning bidders and potentially gain new customers as they redeem gift certificates/gift cards or collect items post-event. This engagement provides a unique opportunity to foster lasting relationships beyond the Auction.

The PBS Wisconsin Auction offers four donation levels, each providing a different amount of promotion for your item and business during the event. We also have four special promotional opportunities as well. These include our Top Ten Donor, Deal of the Day Donor, Wisconsin Made Totebags, and Community Pride Group Donations. Detailed information on each level and opportunities can be found here.


Regardless of your support level, we deeply appreciate your contribution and commitment to our mission. Your support is invaluable and plays a crucial role in the success of the PBS Wisconsin Auction. Thank you for being an integral part of our community and helping us continue to deliver quality educational programming and exceptional community events.


Ready to make an Auction donation to support PBS Wisconsin? We've made the donation process simple and convenient for you with a few options:

Online Donation Form: Quickly and securely submit your donation information through our Online Donation Form.

Mail-In Donation: Download and complete our Donation Form, then mail it along with your donation to our office in Madison.

Email Response: Feel free to email auction@pbswisconsin.org with your donation details, including the donation value and quantity.

Contact Us Directly: Call the Auction office at 608-265-4436 or text 608-209-6388. We are ready to assist you with your donation.


Thank you for your partnership and support of the PBS Wisconsin Auction!